I am Mallory Jacks.

I believes that every life challenge, change and success has led me to where I am now as a birth and postpartum doula. I have always had a heart for people centered service and in 2013 I became a registered yoga instructor. My journey in the yoga and fitness world led me on a path to my own body awareness and eventually led me to a deep connection with my womb and reproductive system. I have felt the call to serve women for many years but it wasn’t until recently that it became clear on how that would manifest itself.

Fast forward to present day, I uses my intuitive connection, heart for nurturing and love for the natural process of birth to serve families across Austin. My background in yoga and fitness paired with my deep desire to educate women on their bodies synchronizes to support families physically, emotionally and spiritually through the powerful life changing rite of passage we know as - childbirth.

I honor the sacred birth space. My service as a doula is more than just a “job” but a calling to hold space and support birthing families. I love supporting families from all backgrounds, in all birthing places and situations. To me, all birth is natural. My mission is to be a light and soft landing place for both birthing families and their new little ones.

In addition to my birth & postpartum services I am also exploring offering full spectrum doula services. This includes support people through ALL stages of reproduction: fertility, conception, abortion and menopause. If you are interested in support in any of these areas please email me at

“My husband and just had our first baby. We are so grateful that we found Mallory to be our doula and come along with us on our daughter’s birth journey. She really took the time to get to know us and our goals and expectations. She was very supportive during my labor, and was extremely helpful in the early postpartum days. Not only did she lend her time, knowledge, and an ear, but she was also more than helpful when it came to providing information and resources for any of the questions we ran into. Mallory will always be a special person in our lives.”
— Jene, Fermin & Dolly Peach