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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person for birthing people and their families. A doula can be likened to a guide, one who supports and walks beside the birthing family as they navigate pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. Doulas provide informational, physical, emotional and spiritual support throughout the reproductive journey.

+ How much does a doula cost?

I wrote an article on this. Click here to read “How Much Does A Doula Cost”.

I will also note here that personally I only take 2 to 3 clients per month. This allows me to provide each of my clients the best care without spreading myself to thin. My work as a doula often requires that I be away from my family so that I may support yours. I am also on call and ready to leave at the drop of the hat for one month for each of my clients and this time often overlaps between clients. This is reflected in my pricing.

If you do not have the resources to make the full investment of packages, but would like to work with me, please email me at to discuss your options.

+ Do I have to give birth “naturally” (unmedicated) in order to use a doula?

No. I support all births - unmedicated, epidural, hospital, birthing center, cesarean, home birth and beyond. Providing physical, emotional and physical support does not stop at unmedicated births. Every birth I attend is different and requires different areas of support. While an unmedicated birth might require more physical support, a birth with medication or a cesarean often require emotional and informational support.

+ Will a doula still be useful if I have a partner? Midwife? Doctor? Nurse?

Yes! Doulas are present to better support not only the birthing person, but also the birth partner. We are simply an addition to the team. We never take the place of your medical professional (nurse, doctor, midwife). Unless you are giving birth at home, often times medical professionals have many patients to attend to at once and cannot spend your entire birth with you. As your doula, I will be with your for your entire birth and often times well into your postpartum period. We have likely built a strong relationship and you know I am someone you can turn to for unbiased emotional, physical and emotional support from the moment you hire me.

+ Do you support single parents?

Yes! I love supporting single parents on their parenting journey.

+ Does a doula replace my partner?

No. My job as a doula is to facilitate a stronger bond and connection between the birthing person and their partner. I like to think of myself as the dance instructor. I am there to be an addition to your team and coach both you as the birthing person and your partner on how to better support you. It is often nice to have an extra support person in place so that your partner can take care of themselves (nap, eat, go to the bathroom) and be a better support person to you, without leaving you alone.

+ What if I plan to get an epidural, is a doula still beneficial?

Yes! As your doula, I can help you make the most informed decisions during your birth experience, including when to get the epidural. Should you decide to get an epidural, I will often stay with you to help you change positions throughout your labor. During the remainder or your labor, I will continue to be with you to answer any questions you have, give hand massages and create the most peaceful and spa-like experience as possible in your birthing space.

+ What are the benefits of a doula?

Labor doulas are statistically proven to improve outcomes:

31% decrease in the use of Piton

28% decrease in the risk of Ceserean Section

12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous birth

9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief

14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery

34% decrease in the risk o being dissatisfied with the birth experience

+ Does a doula provide medical support?

No. Doulas are not medical trained professionals. As your doula, I provide physical, emotional and informational support throughout your pregnancy. I leave all the medical support to your amazing medical team.

+ Do doulas attend cesarean births?

Yes! I support birthing persons through planned and unplanned cesarean. Sometimes, as your doula, I am allowed in the operating room. This is up to your doctor and anesthesiologist but it is also up to you to advocate for this kind of support and ask.

+ Are doulas trained or certified?

Yes and no. There is no certifying board that governs doulas. However, many are trained. I was trained through Doula Trainings International as a birth & postpartum doula.